Assignment news story

People pretending to be homeless have been swarming the streets of Hull over the last few months, according to police.

Hull City Council were told that Humberside police have caught many beggars in the city centre, Endyke Lane and Newland Avenue and several have been charged. Many shop owners and residents in the areas have reported the issue to the police claiming they have homes nearby.

Members of the council questioned the police on how they know if beggars are homeless or not at a community meeting at the Orchard Centre.

Cllr Terry Geraghty said: “It’s not fair if you’re arresting people who are genuinely homeless.”

The police have carried out several investigations into the beggars lives to find out what their livings situations are. PCSO Karl Palmer said: “Most of the beggars actually have homes and a stable income.”

To cut down on the number of beggars there are the police have introduced a new system. They have started to issue people with warnings that are recorded onto their system. If people are caught begging after receiving a warning, the police will arrest them.

“We try to deal with it as best as we can”, PCSO Palmer added, “Beggars are becoming a public nuisance but police are cracking down on the matter.”


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