Research into Marguerite Higgins life


General Background

Cupcakes and Kalashnikov’s: 100 Years of the Best Journalism by Women. Naomi Wolf and Eleanor Mills (2005):

‘Hired by the New York Herald Tribune in 1942, Marguerite Higgins was always determined to be a war reporter, and, after two years of lobbying her editor, was sent first to London and then mainland Europe. During these early years of her career she showed a unique ability to dodge both enemy bullets and male biases, accompanying the GIs as they occupied Berlin and becoming one of the first reporters into both Dachau and Buchenwald Nazi war camps.’

‘Her account of wading onto Red Beach with the marines is just one of the many vivid descriptions of the front which went on to win her the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting in 1951.’



On the American Invasion of Inchon, Korea. 18 September 1950, New York Herald Tribune.

War in Korea, Chapter 1: Journey Into War. 1951.(

The Liberation of Dachau. 1 May 1945, New York Herald Tribune. (

Reported on Buchenwald Nazi war camps

Our Vietnam Nightmare. 1965




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