Reflection on video

For my video assignment, the story I covered was Hornsea Third Marathon.

Within this video I ensured I included a variety of general views, more than one interview and a piece to camera/introduction. The only thing missing from my video was a graphic. I didn’t include a graphic because I didn’t think it was necessary for the type of story I covered.

This type of story would typically be an end item because it is an event and it’s light hearted news.

I was very happy with my camera shots and I thought I used the rule of thirds very well. However, the only issue I had with the shots is that I tended to interview people on the same side. This caused problems when I was editing everything together because I couldn’t transition ¬†from one interview to the next. In the future, I now know to change sides every now and then.

The main issue with my video was the sound quality of the interviews. In each clip there is a lot of background noise. At the event it was very difficult to find a quiet place. I did prepare myself for this situation and I took a dictaphone with me to hold closer to the interviewers. However, the dictaphone recordings were too quiet so in the end I used the camera recordings. Luckily, I was able to edit the audio using Adobe Audition to reduce the background noise. However, it still wasn’t enough.


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