Notes from community council meeting

PC Karl Palmer – officer for north Hull for 10 years

number of changes in Humberside police

police have gone back to community policing – Feb

smaller teams now of PCSO’s

police started to visit areas every night

80% of the time there will be a patrol on in the evening

  • issues with ASB shore park and shops, kids setting fires, throwing mud and stones at passing cars

they’ve made several arrests for Shore park, said it happens every year

chip shop and shopping centre – all the windows were smashed at 12.15am

Dane park road – old lady took dog for a walk and was surrounded by bikes, still an issue

recurring problems with bikes

burnt out cars

on the 20th they seized three bikes to be crushed, 1 for no license and 1 for been ridden in ASB

going to be working with constables to film on dane park road

drugs on north hull – regular info on canabis and drug dealing, constantly dealing with them

21st – 2 canabis factories found

yesterday they had seized a car that had no insurance, they are now searching for more

many cycle thefts on the university campus – now going to put patrols in place and they are going to place a large pink bike on the premises to catch people who may steal it

creating a pub watch and shop watch in northern area so can gather together and talk about issues

“it’s really good that we’re going back to community work like we used to”


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