Reflection on council meeting news story

After going to a community council meeting at the Orchard Centre, I received a lot of information about the safety issues in the Orchard Park area. In the meeting there was a police officer talking about what crimes had been happening and what the police were planning to do. Everything he spoke about in the meeting seemed newsworthy, especially when he mentioned things had been changing within the Humberside police force.

I decided to focus my news story on the police changes and all of the issues. As well as quoting what the officer said in the meeting, I also asked a resident in the area for her views on the crimes that are frequently happening. I thought it was very important to include at least one quote in my story from a resident as well as having an authority figure’s views. By including a resident, it’s more likely to draw readers in because they can relate to them.

Overall, I thought the council meeting I went to was interesting and it was good that I got a news story out of it. For the future I now know it’s important to try and make more detailed notes because it will help me when i’m writing up a story.


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