Woodward and Bernstein 

Woodward and Bernstein are the two risk taking journalists from the Washington Post who took down President Nixon. In light of these events, the two reporters were groundbreaking in their exposure of the highly ranked president of the United States.

In August 1974, Nixon was the first president to ever resign due to the Watergate scandal. After months of trying to conceal evidence, he made the decision to resign when it was about to be made public.

The Watergate scandal was a form of political sabotage, which was break in at the Democratic National Committee.

On their first report on Watergate, Woodward and Bernstein raised awareness of the link between the burglars and the presidents re-election committee. The journalists discovered that the break in had been orchestrated and it included wiretapping and disruption of Democratic Party activities.By sharing their findings with the public, they spread the rightful word that he President was untrustworthy.

The two journalists had a famous source named “Deep Throat”. His anonymity was protected for over thirty years. The authorities threatened Woodward and Bernstein with imprisonment if they didn’t reveal their sources identity, and they did the right thing by refusing to do so. It wasn’t until 2005 when Mark Felt revealed his own identity. Personally, I think Woodward and Bernstein should have kept their source anonymous. As journalists, I believe it’s important to be loyal to sources and sustain trust. By doing so, it sustains the trust people will have in you and your good reputation as a journalist.



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