Joseph Pulitzer 

Joseph Pulitzer was one of the most influential journalists and pioneers of all time.

By the age of 25, Pulitzer was running his own newspaper called the St Louis Post Dispatch. A lot of his work involved investigative articles and editorials that examined government corruption. The content in the newspaper became very popular and it appealed to a lot of people.

After St Louis Post Dispatch, Pulitzer then went on to take over the New York World. In this, he:

  • filled the news colums with sensationalized features
  • made the first extensive use of illustrations
  • staged news stunts
  • first introduced sports sections
  • came up with the idea of supplements
  • made flashy headlines, scandals and started using big photos
  • started to sell advertising
  • started to cover crime
  • introduced games and contests to media
  • pioneered ‘yellow journalism’ (type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well researched news and instead uses eye catching headlines to sell more newspapers)

Joseph Pulitzer also founded Columbia Journalism School, where many influential journalists from around the world have studied. This school has pioneered so many great journalists’ careers, and without the school the journalism industry may not be like it is today.

Pulitzer was ultimatly the creator of tabliod news and he made invesitagtive journalism more popular. Due to this, he is very influential and I think it’s great that he came up with so many different ideas that reach out to people.

What I don’t like about Joseph Pulitzer, however, is that he carried out ‘yellow journalism. I don’t think this is the moral way to tell stories to the public and I believe that people should be given the correct facts and proof or stories. Plus, I don’t agree with the fact that he carried out stunts and scandals to fill the newspaper with.

I also don’t think that the coverage of crime in the news is good for society because it makes people live in fear and it even puts some people off from digesting what’s happening in the world. However, if he didn’t pioneer this type of journalism we wouldn’t have constructive journalism today which addresses the issues in society and then demonstrates the positive outcomes from them.


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