My visual identity idea

To create a visual identity for my brand, I am going to use typography. I’ve decided to use type because it’s the most generic way that journalists brand themselves.

My idea is to have my full name, ‘Danielle Hayes’,  written and below it I want to have ‘journalist’ written in shorthand.

The type I am focused on using is Helvetica due to the reason why it was created which was “to not give any impression or have any meaning in itself” ( In journalism, it’s very important to not be biased in your work which is why I thought Helvetica would be good to use to reflect my career. I also thought that by using a type that already exists, it will make the process of creating my identity more simple.

The thing I am going to create for my brand will be the shorthand text that says ‘journalist’ underneath my name. To do so, I will have to form the word with different shapes.

To shorten my identity down I also plan to create something with my initials, which I will place alongside the other text.

The main colours I will use in the design will be a dark red because it’s my favourite colour and grey and black because they look professional. I am aware that some people may have difficulty reading red text which is why I am going to use a dark shade which makes it easier to see. Red is also used a lot in the music press industry, which is the field I want to work in.


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