Connotations of colour

In graphic design, it’s very important to think about what colours mean to people. By knowing what connotations colours hold, it makes it easier to choose which ones to use for branding. It’s always important to choose the colours that have connotations of the factors you would like to represent in your brand.

The following colours have their connotations listed below them:


  • danger, passion, love, anger, excitement, speed, strength, energy, determination, desire, courage


  • fire, cheerfulness, affordability, enthusiasm, stimulation, creativity, aggression


  • sickness, hope, comfort, liveliness, cowardice, hunger, optimism, summer, happiness, energy, conflict, the sun



  • calm, sadness, isolation, peace, professionalism, loyalty, reliability, honor, trust, boredom, coldness, depth, stability


  • wealth, privilege, sorrow. power, royalty, nobility, sophistication, luxury, mystery, magic, elegance, passion, evil


  • death, mystery, evil, wealth, health, mourning, elegance, sophistication, formality, power, strength, depression


  • purity, peace, death, sadness, cleanliness,virginity, innocence, sterility, snow, ice, coldness


  • earth, relaxation, confidence, reassurance, nature, reliability, endurance


  • environmental, durability, reliability, luxurious, optimism, nature, calm, relaxation, safety, honesty, optimism, freshness


  • femininity, love, nurture


To find out what connotations colours hold, I looked on:


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