Creating and editing type

  • on Illustrator, go to window and pathfinder
  • insert an ellipse shape, then duplicate it, place them both on top of each other and make one smaller than the other
  • select them both and click the minus front tool in pathfinder
  • then insert a rectangle that’s the same width as the circle
  • once the shapes are created, select all the points making the letters and click unite on pathfinder
  • to change gradience of shapes , click and hold ‘G’ on the keyboard and drag over a letter


  • copy the word onto Photoshop
  • to give the letters an edge colour, go back to Illustrator and copy the text, take the colour out and add a stroke that’s 2pt
  • then copy and paste the text onto Photoshop
  • then duplicate the edge layer and rasterise it
  • go to filter, blur and gaussian blur
  • then add a new layer, change it from normal to overlay
  • use the paint tool and put airbrush on and change the flow
  • then paint onto the text
  • to get rid of some colour, use the masking tool and airbrush some out
  • create a new layer
  • go to view and turn snap off
  • use the rectangular marquee tool and create a thin shape over a letter and fill it
  • go to filter and blur, then onto motion blurs, set the blurs into the same direction as the rectangle
  • then add the lines onto the letters outlines

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