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A doctor is raising awareness of cancer symptoms to young women.

Professor Gordon J.S Rustin, consultant medical oncologist is urging younger women to find out the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Studies have found that three quarters of women with ovarian cancer don’t notice any symptoms until it has spread.

Prof Rustin said: “In the UK, ovarian cancer is the 5th most common cancer among women.

“Ovarian cancer is often called the ‘silent cancer’ as patients do not develop symptoms until after the cancer has spread.

“The symptoms are similar to those of irritable bowel syndrome, but a patient who develops new symptoms of bloating, swelling, change in bowel habit or abdominal pains needs to be investigated.

“Early diagnosis is crucial.”

There are more than 7,100 women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year in the UK.

Some people believe that there are lifestyle factors associated with cancer. The concern arose following the death of a woman in the US with possible links to talcum powder.

Professor Rustin stated: “While we don’t know the exact causes of ovarian cancer, there are a few things that women can do to take control of their risk.”

The factors that are known to increase risk of ovarian cancer include age, height and weight, smoking, family history, hormone replacement therapy, breast cancer and fertility.


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