News story exercise – LEGO

Many people across the world of all ages love LEGO. Which is why it’s not surprising that the Yorkshire Brick Show featuring LEGO models had thousands of people queueing for two hours.

Last weekend’s show at Coal Mining Museum consisted of the largest LEGO collection that the country had ever witnessed.

The most popular models in the huge variety included a very large Statue of Liberty, a football stadium full of people enjoying a rock concert, running train sets and a Tower of London.

The Museum’s Commercial manager, Jane Moore, said: “It’s the busiest weekend we’ve ever had.

“I can’t believe that people were prepared to wait for two hours, but I think it was because they believed it was worth the wait.

“It has exceeded our expectations on the number of people visiting.

“We’ve had to turn quite a lot of people away unfortunately.”

All of the models were built by members of major LEGO user groups in the UK. These included the Brickish Association, Northern Brickworks and Brikshire.



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