John Pilger

Jon Pilger is known for being a war correspondent, film maker and author. He once said “official truths are often powerful illusions”, which really sums up the work he has done as a journalist and how he sees the world.

Pilger worked for the Daily Mirror and became chief foreign correspondent and reported from all over the world. He created the well known documentary Welcome to Australia, in 1999. Plus he did a four year investigation on the drug Thalidomide, which damaged children at birth. Overall, Jon Pilger works hard to give society justice and change the world. To me this type of work is inspiring because it presents the idea that journalists can make a difference to the world.

The film by Jon Pilger, The War You Don’t See, is an investigation into the media in war and trace into the history of embedded journalism. This film shows the military trying to control the media through embedded journalism, which creates propaganda and patriotism. In a way Pilger presents himself as the good, inspirational, honest journalist in his video and he shows that many other journalists who work for large media organisations are the total opposite.

Personally, I hate embedded journalism because it makes the media avoid showing victims of conflict and what’s actually happening in the world. Embedded journalism is basically a form of propaganda.

I think Jon Pilger is a great journalist because all he has ever wanted to do is show the truth to people.


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