Good and bad logo’s

One of the main elements of visual identity in branding is logo’s.

Although a lot of them seem simple, there is actually more meaning and depth to them. This is because companies are always ensuring they express their ideologies and heritage to consumers.
The good

A lot of good famous logo’s have hidden meaning. Here are the main ones I found:


This Tour de France logo is quite clever because if you look closely at the ‘R’ and the yellow circle, there is a man riding a bike.



The Amazon logo sets a very friendly appearance to consumers. The arrow that points from A to Z suggests that Amazon have a huge amount of products available to customers. The shape of the arrow also creates a hidden smiley face, suggesting the company will please you and leave you feeling satisfied.


The McDonald’s logo also has hidden meaning that subtly creates a positive appearance to consumers. By using two golden arches to create the ‘M’, the logo gives connotations of the golden gates to heaven. Also when McDonald’s slogan/tag line is placed underneath the logo in advertisements, the positioning creates a smiley face.

According to Louis Cheskin, design consultant and psychologist, customers unconsciously recognise the logo as “symbolism of a pair of nourishing breasts”. Personally, I don’t agree with this but it is the reason why mcdonalds never changed their logo like they planned to in the 60’s.

Toyota Logo 4.jpg

Toyota also thought closely about their logo so they can convey their message to customers. There are three ellipses in the logo which are supposed to represent:

  • The heart of the customer
  • The heart of the product
  • The heart of progress in the field of technology


The bad



The London 2012 logo was one of the worst pieces of visual identity created. This was designed by Wolff Olins, a high end graphic design company. One of the main issues with this logo is the colours, because the pink and yellow both contrast badly with each other, which causes some epileptic people to have fits when they look at it. To reduce the risk of this happening, they should have tested the colours first before sticking with them. The logo also breaks the designing rules because the Olympics logo is embedded inside, and there isn’t enough space within the logo.

image_pepsilogochange1.gif   fatguy
The new Pepsi logo is also quite bad. Their logo has been iconic for years and within a short amount of time after its transformation, people noticed something about it. The curves on the logo look like a fat man with his belly peeking out of his top. This creates a bad appearance for the the company because they suggest that their product makes people put weight on.




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