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Tom Skelly is an acoustic artist who has the ability to make you reflect on life, no matter who you are or where you’re from. His folk blues are captivating and full of soul. There is a lot of depth to Tom Skelly’s music and his songs can be quite dark. He is from the small and quiet seaside town called Hornsea, in East Yorkshire.

Recently, we caught up with Tom Skelly and asked how things were going.

What are your plans for this year? Do more, live more, love more, play forever.

Do you have a date in mind for when you’re going to release new stuff?Hopefully, I’d like to have a new album finished and put out by the end of the year and hit the road.

Do you have any more gigs lined up other than 31st January? Not as yet, but I’m sure there will be plenty more to come.

In November you posted a photo of yourself working with Human Machine. What type of stuff are you working on? Is there going to be a different sound? Well it’s kind of top secret, don’t want to let the Kat out the bag but you could say it’s going to be lovely. Well me and the machine have good vibes and a lot of fun making sound waves and when you’re making tracks with someone you’ve got to have a lot of love for what inspires you to push yourself and to expand and explore your own mind.

What’s inspired the material you’re working on? Do you think been in Hornsea helps you come up with new ideas because of how peaceful it can be? I think life in general helps you to write from your own world to what’s happening around you on the street. We all have a story to tell whether you express that through art or pen on paper, but always make sure it comes from the heart whether it’s lightness or darkness. There’s beauty in everything.


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