Photo journalist -Lynsey Addario

One photo journalist who’s work stood out to me was Lynsey Addario. This is because of the stories she covered. As a journalist she captures world issues to show people across the world what is happening. Lynsey Addario’s photographs look like they are suitable to be in the news due to the stories they show, which are mainly of war.

The photographs that stood out to me the most were her photo’s of Syrian refugees. As seen in the images below, she captured images that portrayed the large number of people affected. To do so, she took images of crowds of people getting food and supplies who are all squashed together. In the two photographs, the refugees all look deperate for help when you look at their non-verbal communication. Their body language shows them all reaching out for the supplies as if they’re desperate to grab something for their family. Some of their eyes are also focusing on the food that is over them, as if it’s their saviour. This type of photograph is likely to be used with a news story that supports the refugee crisis.

Another image of the refugees Lynsey Addario took contrasts with the images above. This is because she also demonstrated the isolation people had to face from their families. The below image captures this issue perfectly.



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