Photo journalist – Corey Arnold

One of the photo journalist’s work I really like is Corey Arnold’s. This is because he encapsulates the beauty in life.

Corey Arnold is a still life photographer, and he captures moments that people wouldn’t usually pay attention to. A lot of his work shows the detail in simple creatures and nature, such as the strands of grass and how the sea moves (as seen in the below image).


The picture that stood out to me the most due to the detail was his image of a crab (as seen below). In this image I really like all of the orange tones and all of the bumps on the crab. There’s also a contrast in patterns in the image due to the stripy floor boards and the spotty crab.


One of my most favourite photographs taken by Corey Arnold is the below image. This is due to the connotations attached to the imagery. The white clouds give connotations of dreams and the sun light shining down gives connotations of God. Together, the signs give connotations of heaven.



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