Information Graphic Evaluation

For my information graphic assignment I decided to visual data about slasher horror films. The data I used was on Box Office Mojo, which is a website that provides the public with box office statistics. Although this data is very simple and it seems easy to visualise, I wish I chose something more complicated so I had more of a challenge.

To visualise this data, I thought it would be best to create a graphic that looks like a film poster. In order to make it look like a slasher film poster, I used blood and a knife which are the most iconic signs. To help me decide how to present the data, I drew some designs by hand, using signs that represent and connote slasher films. After doing so, I then thought that the knife suited the genre the best and it seemed like a simple object to outline. Although the poster drifts away from a typical information graphic, I made sure I used as much data as possible.

The main part of my graphic, that took the most time to create, was the knife. To create this I took the outline of an image of a knife and then used text to create the outline, using Adobe Illustrator. I thought this was a really good idea because it visualises data in a really subtle way. At first I found it difficult to get the perfect outline of the knife, but I eventually got the hang of it when I kept trying.I then placed the knife into Adobe Photoshop after I had created it, so I could add everything else to the infographic to make it look like a slasher horror poster. I thought that Photoshop would be easier to use to create a poster, due to it working with pixels.

Due to my information graphic looking like a poster, the colours used were very important to me. This is because I wanted to present my audience with the same connotations that slasher posters give. The main colours I used on my poster were black, white and red. This is because these all represent the darkness in the films (black) and the blood (red).

After placing everything together in the correct format, I thought my final information graphic looked ok. However, I thought that the typography I used was too simple and basic for a film poster. Therefore if I create an information graphic in the future, I now know that I should experiement with different types and figure out what would be the best to use. If I had more time I would have even tried to create my own typography to suit the slasher genre, using different shapes.

Overall, I think the information graphic I created looks good. However, there is room for improvement when it comes to the typography. Next time, I plan to put a lot more effort into creating graphics so they look more visually appealing and unique.


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