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Hull Girl Plans to Skydive for Charity


Katie North

A student from Hull has signed up to go skydiving to raise money for St Gemma’s Hospice.

Katie North, who studies at Leeds Beckett University, decided to get involved with the charity’s skydiving event after they visited and asked students for their help. The 19 year old was already looking for ways to help out charities, to improve her CV for her future, and when she found this opportunity she thought it was perfect for her.

Ms North said: ‘I thought why not do a skydive because it’s a more entertaining way to raise money’.

The Leeds charity often holds several skydiving events, as well as other fundraisers, throughout the year to help fund their care for people with life limiting illnesses. Target Skysports is the main skydiving company the charity team up with, who are based at Hibaldstow in North Lincolnshire.

To raise awareness, Katie North said: ‘I’ve put a link on Facebook, i’ll be using word of mouth and I’ve got a link on Virgin Money so people can donate online’.

The aim for Katie North is to raise £350 for her skydive that takes place on the 9th March. However, not enough people have made donations yet and she still needs to raise £235 for the charity in the next two months.

Ms North said this isn’t the only charitable thing she wants to do, and she is still on the hunt to help and raise money for other charities.

‘I want to do more volunteering work, I don’t necessarily know which charities I would be doing it for’.

To help and make a donation, visit and search for Katie North.

Or to get involved with the fundraising event, visit and book your skydive. There are a limited number of places for the event dates, and once you book your place the charity will send you a sponsor pack which tells you what to do.





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