Creating the Digital Design

To create my information graphic that looks like a slasher horror film poster, I took the below image from Google. I decided to use a knife because it is one of the most iconic images that connotes slasher films.


After taking this image, I cut out one of the knife so I was just left with one.


Then, I rotated the knife and outlined it using the pen tool on Adobe Illustrator. I made the outline pink so that I could clearly see the shape I was outlining.

infograph outline

After finishing the outline, I separated the outline and the image and deleted the image so I was just left with the shape I had created. Then, I selected the text tool and made the text go along the lines so that the text created the outline of the shape instead.

text outline

I thought the text looked a lot better and I thought it would be really good to use a text outline within my information graphic, so I can include more text in a subtle way so it still looks like a film poster. To suit the iconography of horror film posters, I made the background black and the text white. I chose black because it connotes horror films, as most film posters for this genre have black or very dark backgrounds and imagery.


After creating the design, I decided to stick with it and I changed all the text. The words I used to create the outline included the names of the top 5 slasher horror films and the iconography for them.

final knife pic.jpg

After creating the main piece for my horror film, I went onto Adobe Photoshop and used the software to place everything together. First, I added the title and statistics that look like film credits. I used a simple type for the film poster because I thought it looked the best and it worked well with the genre. I also added a little box with my name inside, to copy the iconic way that film industries are presented on posters.

After adding all the necessary text, I thought the film poster looked very plain and boring so I decided to add more colour. To do so, I found two images to use within the information graphic on Google. These images are of blood and I chose this because it’s a colourful piece of iconography from slasher films. The images are:

I thought that the hand would look good near the knife I created, so I duplicated it and flipped it over so there was a left and a right hand beside the knife. I also thought the dripping blood would look good if I duplicated it and placed all of the images in a line across the top of the poster.

Then, I also added a quote from Box Office Mojo that gives a fact about slasher films. I thought this would look good in red as well to make the infograph more colourful. It also matches the iconic representations of film posters by having a quote on an angle.

My final information graphic is:

final infographic.jpg



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