News Story 2

Indulge Cafe Feed the Homeless


A cafe attempted to spread their Christmas cheer feeding homeless people, in Hull, for their first time ever.

Indulge cafe, located on Princess Avenue, decided to help the homeless in the city on Tuesday 22nd December. Their plan was to feed people, from 1pm until 2pm, a free hot meal and a drink. However not as many people showed up as they expected, possibly due to them organising the day last minute and the lack of advertising.

Indulge’s staff member Mia Baricer, 27, who came up with the idea said:

‘I just thought it would be a nice thing to do at Christmas and we’ve seen other places have obviously done it, and I thought if it worked out it would be something we could do every year but not that many people turned up’.

‘We’ve had lots of shares on Facebook, but it’s not been advertised as much and obviously homeless people don’t have Facebook so many people wouldn’t have known about it’.

Although only a small amount of people turned up to the cafe for their free meals, Indulge still made a difference to the city. The event brought to light Hull’s selfless residents, as a lot of people wanted to help. Many people made offers to go into the cafe and help them serve the food. Someone even went in and donated lots of hats and scarfs for the staff members to give to the homeless for warmth.

Ms Baricer said that the leftovers from the day will be sent to homeless people afterwards, so nothing goes to waste. Indulge Cafe’s team are planning on doing the event on a bigger scale next year, and they want to carry on feeding homeless people every year. Mia Baricer said that they will advertise themselves more next year, to spread the word about what they’re doing to help those in need.


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