Final Decision On Data To Use

The data I am going to use from Box Office Mojo is the top 5 slasher horror films, which are:

Rank Title (click to view) Studio Lifetime Gross /Theaters Opening /Theaters Date
1 Scream Dim. $103,046,663 1,994 $6,354,586 1,413 12/20/96
2 Scream 2 Dim. $101,363,301 2,688 $32,926,342 2,663 12/12/97
3 Scream 3 Dim. $89,143,175 3,467 $34,713,342 3,467 2/4/00
4 Freddy Vs. Jason NL $82,622,655 3,014 $36,428,066 3,014 8/15/03
5 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre NL $80,571,655 3,018 $28,094,014 3,016 10/17/03

I decided this data would be best to use because I really liked the film poster design I created with the knife on. From my research I discovered that knifes are part of the iconography for Slasher films, which is why I thought it would be best to put the two together.


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