Lucid Press

To create a 4 page spread I used Lucid Press. I thought that Lucid Press was really easy to use and I think it’s a great tool. My aim here was to cover everything to do with Humber Street in the most visual way. It’s important to me, to make media texts really visual because it attracts more readers. So, for each page I thought it would be good to use an image of the street for the background and then add other images on top that all relate to what the page covers. So that the images that overlap each other don’t contrast with each other, I gave the small images big black borders.. I also used big, bold text for the headers so that they stand out and are easy to read, and I thought it would be best to create boxes for text to go in so they can easily be read. Although the text is simple, due to it being black and white, it works well with all the colourful images on the pages.

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