Portfolio Website: Header

To make my portfolio present my work in the best way, I changed the pages that were on the template. I decided to have a homepage, about page, contact page, blog page and a gallery page. By having these pages, they will allow me to show off as much as possible about myself.

The positioning of the navigation to the website pages is still in the same place as they were on the template, because it’s the easiest spot for them to be for people viewing the site.

However, I changed how the navigation links look. When doing so, I made the header fit in with the colour scheme of my website. For this, I decided to use a darker grey than the one used for the pages backgrounds. I also used the same shade of green that I have used within all of the pages on the website, and the basic Georgia font that’s easy to read.

Like on the template, I also placed my name in the header. To make this stand out, I decided to use a large Belinda font which looks more like handwriting. I thought this font would add a more personal feel to the portfolio. To make my name stand out I also used a very pale grey, that almost looks white, which goes away from the green text to draw people’s attention to it.


Template’s Header


My Portfolio’s Header


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