Horror Film Iconography

The visual ingredients to make a horror film and a poster include:

  • blood
  • weapons
  • violence
  • gore
  • dark lighting
  • shadows
  • candle light
  • torn/dirty clothing
  • masked villans/mutilations and scars
  • derelict buildings

Supernatural horror is a subgenre that questions the unknown, it makes the audience question life. The main elements of supernatural horrors are ghosts, gods and miracles. Supernatural horrors often have religious elements embedded into their plots as well. Ghosts and religion are seen together a lot because they fit well with each other due to possessive demons and exorcisms.

Torture and slasher horror films very similar iconography that are included in the general horror iconography. They focus on weapons and torture devices, masked villans, young and innocent protagonists and blood.

For my information graphic, I am going to mess around with all this iconography and experiment to find the best way to visualise the data.


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