Gig Review for Hey Today – 7/12/15

BREEZE, Three Day Millionaires and Church of Non Believers


When you approach the entrance to The Polar Bear it seems like any ordinary pub, but when you step inside you’re greeted by a fantastic venue that’s just made for live music.

The Polar Bear has a brilliant atmosphere and there are lots of friendly faces there.

Last Tuesday, The Sesh introduced followers to local bands BREEZE, Three Day Millionaires and Church of Non Believers.

With their electrifying, hypnotic and alternative sound, some would say Church of Non Believers are like the Pet Shop Boys and are therefore a ‘dad band’ – but their catchy tunes mean their appeal spans different age groups.

Vocalist Deeaay Harrison introduced their final song, saying: “Noel Gallagher said you shouldn’t write autobiographical songs because they’re s**t, but he’s wrong. And he’ll probably hate this one. This one is for my daughter.”

By the end of their swansong, Church of Non Believers had definitely proved Mr Gallagher wrong.

Pop punk band Three Day Millionaires were next on stage and they wasted no time in whipping the crowd into a frenzy.

Their positive vibes and energetic performances are impossible to criticise and there’s no great secret why they’re so popular among so many of the city’s music lovers.

Sadly, this was the band’s last gig of the year but. fear not, there should be plenty of opportunities to see them in 2016.

Last but certainly by no means least, BREEZE rounded off the night with a set that was well worth waiting for.

They definitely aren’t the stereotypical indie band that you would expect them to be at first glance and Aron Gilbey’s vocals perfectly encapsulate their sound.

You certainly shouldn’t judge them before you hear them.


Link to view on the website:



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