Path finding

Although it seems complicated, path finding is fairly simple and it just takes time.

The steps I took within the lesson to create a graphic using Adobe Illustrator were:

  • I selected window and pathfinder
  • Then I typed some text onto the blank document, increased the size and changed the font
  • Selected object and expand to turn it into a graphic
  • Right clicked and ungrouped the type, allowing me to move the characters individually
  • I then moved the letters so they merged into each other
  • Then, I placed a line cutting through one of the letters
  • After that, I selected the letter and the line and clicked divide on the pathfinder tool
  • I then right clicked and ungrouped the shapes, which allowed me to drag the end of the letter away from everything else. Then I deleted it.
  • After that, I selected all of the shapes and clicked on unite on pathfinder
  • Then, I changed the colour of the shape
  • I then selected the gradient tool and dragged out the radiance and transparency boxes
  • Then, I selected the pen tool and created a shape
  • After that I then used the black arrow to select the type and copy it
  • Then, I pressed the shift key and selected all of it and click intersect

To create a complex graphic this process would have to repeated a lot and it takes a lot of time. Personally, I will probably use this as a journalist in the future on a simple and basic level.

The final graphic I created was:





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