Information Graphic Statement of Intent

For the information graphic I am going to create, I’m going to focus my data around film. To simplify the infographic, i’m going to focus the data on the horror genre. Personally, it’s because I think it’s the easiest genre to visualise. The data I am going to present is the total grosses of horror films of all time, which I found on Box Office Mojo ( My data will be split into different sections, going into sub-genres and hybrids.

As well as data, i’m also going to include some interesting facts about horror to keep the audience engaged and interested in all the data there is. I am going base the facts on each segment of data to add more depth to it.

I plan to use a lot of iconography within my information graphic, so that I don’t necessarily have to use type to say what the data is about. By using lots of images that connote horror’s subgenres, it will help make the information graphic a lot more visual. As well as images, I’m also going to use colours to connote the horror subgenre. The main two colours that represent horror are black and red, because of how dark they are and all of the blood.

When creating the information graphic, I am also always going to think about what my audiences want and need. From my research, I know it’s important to keep things looking simple and basic so it’s easy for a lot of people to understand. On Google, I found a lot of film information graphics (as seen below) that I am going to take inspiration from.


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