Research Into Graphic Designers

When I was searching for graphic designers I came across three particular people who’s work stood out to me.

The first graphic designer I came across was Peter Saville. Saville is an English art director and graphic designer, who has designed a lot record sleeves for Factory Records. I noticed that a lot of his work is very simple and basic yet when you look closer there is some depth to the designs. This is due to the angles of all the lines layered within the designs. One of Saville’s well known design is the album cover for Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures album.


Another designer who’s work stood out to me was Paula Scher, who is a theory driven designer. Most of Scher’s work is made up of text that’s placed in different angles. She also uses a lot of bright colours and different sizes for the type, which attracts people to reading the words individually.


When I was looking for another designer, I came across Josef Albers’ work. His work stood out to me due to his typography (as seen below). For each letter, he used squares and circles to create the shape. I really like this typography because of how each letter is broken up and you can really see the shapes that have been used.



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