Merging Images

By having the ability to manipulate and merge two images together using Adobe Photoshop, you go against the saying ‘a picture never lies’.

Within the lesson, I turned President Obama and Jack Nicholson into one person. To do so, I took the below images off Google.

Then with help from Photoshop I attempted to merge them into one person, as seen below:


After merging peoples faces, I then tried to merge two other images of orange peel and a frog. The two images I took off Google for this were:

After merging these two images, the final photo looked like this:

orange frog.jpg

The steps I took to merge two images together were:

  • Found two images on Google and downloaded them
  • Made a new canvas on Photoshop
  • Set the preset to international and A3 paper
  • File and placed the images onto the canvas
  • Scaled and resized the images to fit on top of each other by using the free transform tool
  • I also selected the opacity option, to make the images transparent
  • Layer masked the images
  • Selected the paintbrush tool and then airbrush
  • Used the black and white colours to reveal and bring back selected images *
  • Colour corrected the image by selecting image, adjustments and then hue/saturation to morph the two images together by making them the same colour

*The black colour reveals the image that’s below and the white colour brings the image back.

Personally, I found this task really fun. In a journalistic way, this can be used interactively through quizzes within media by making readers guess who is in the image. You see these type of things in a lot of magazines and they make you guess the celebrities.





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