Green Screen

When using green screen, lighting is really important. For green screen, we used a white screen and two lights with green filters on to turn the background green. Although this changed the background, the room was still too dark to record footage. To make the room lighter, we then used three other lights to light up the subject/person so you could see their face. For this, a key light was used and two other filler lights. Once all the lights were on, there weren’t any shadows on the screen and you could clearly see the subject which allowed us to them record some clear footage.

After capturing the footage, it was then placed into Premiere Pro. The steps I took to change the background were:

  1. Drag the footage onto the timeline
  2. Go to the effects panel
  3. Drag the eight-point garbage matte onto the footage
  4. Go into the effect controls
  5. Move about the volumes, to move and cut the background
  6. In the effects bar, search for ultra key and drag it onto the footage
  7. In effect controls, change the key colour, use the picker tool and hover over the green background
  8. Go to output, alpha channel, pull all the whites and blacks
  9. Drop the matte generation in the effects control and change the value of the pedestal
  10. To view the difference made change back the output back to composite
  11. Go to matte cleanup changing the choke and soften settings, trying to get rid of the green
  12. Go into spill suppression and change the desaturate, range and luma effects
  13. Go onto the internet and find a large image and save it
  14. Drag the image onto a new video layer
  15. Drag the image to the layer making sure its behind/underneath footage
  16. Make sure image is same length as video

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