Court Snatch

Taking photographs of people walking into court is a lot harder than it seems. This is due to how fast people may walk into buildings and the likelihood of people avoiding the camera.

For the court snatch task, I only managed to capture two images in the amount of time the person took to walk into the building (as seen below). From this, I now know I need to be fast in the future so I have a variety of different shots to choose from.

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The photo I liked the most was the side shot I took of the person walking (as seen below). Although it came out dark, I managed to brighten it up with Photoshop and crop out all the empty space. I think this photo looks really good because the background is blurred, making the individual the focus point for the audience. The angle of the photograph is also good because you can see that the person is trying to avoid all the cameras opposite, by placing his hand over his face. Also, I think this image meets the typical court photograph expectation because you can see the persons negative facial expression.


The photographs I took were also used by Chelsea Martin, to show the different between our pictures.


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