Video Research

For the research I carried out to help me with my video assignment, I looked at other interviews. The interviews I focused on were from music magazine industries, of musicians and bands talking.

The interviews I looked at were from the Rolling Stone, Alternative Press, Scuzz TV, NME and Q.

Within the video’s I noticed that all of the people were sat down, which created a really friendly and relaxed tone. I also discovered that medium shots and close ups were dominantly used, and long shots were used in interviews were there were more than two people been interviewed.

I also noticed that the interviews either included snippets of the bands music videos or their songs as backing tracks. Personally, I think it’s really good to include these because they make the interviews less boring. I also think that by adding tracks, it reminds audiences who the bands actually are which will keep them interested in what they are talking about.

Thanks to this research, I now know how to make my interviews look and sound to keep audiences interested. Therefore, I am going to follow the same style as the videos I found.


Rolling Stone

Alternative Press

Scuzz TV




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