Search Engine Optimisation

When it comes to writing news stories for online content, it is completely different to writing for print. This is because the general rules for print and online content go against each other due to search engine optimisation.

Search engine optimisation(SEO) is really important for online content because it helps draw audiences to look at your website. This is because it helps improve websites’ web pages visibility and ranking in search engines. Therefore if you follow the rules when creating online content, you’re likely to gain more viewers.

When writing online content, its important to think of where you position your information because it affects your ranking in search engines. For all online content, I think it’s important to have lots of keywords about the stories within headlines, captions and in the first paragraphs. By doing so, people are more likely to be able to find your news story. The keywords should include:

  • words people are likely to use, nothing complex
  • people’s full names, even if they’re not well known
  • place names
  • the event that’s happened

Search engines also rank websites and web pages highly if they add links in stories to other web pages. By having links, it means your website is likely to be very informative and a lot more useful to readers. I find it very easy to include links in content as you can just embed hyperlinks onto the text that’s within articles.

Although I SEO seems easy, it can all turn out to be pointless if you copy and paste your content onto webpages. Search engines tend to avoid copying and so if you do this, it’s likely that your web page would still be ranked low. Therefore, I think it’s always important to remember to not copy and paste content unless it’s necessary.

Overall SEO is a good thing to take into account, for me as a journalist, because it helps gain larger audiences.


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