Comparison of The Guardian and Buzzfeed

When looking at The Guardian and Buzzfeed’s online content, they both differ. This is due The Guardian constantly following the guidelines to making online content search engine optimisation friendly, like most online news media, and Buzzfeed going against it.

When you look at The Guardian, they use a lot of keywords in headlines and captions to attract audiences to read their coverage of stories. However, Buzzfeed very rarely use keywords because they don’t really need to use them and they use a lot of puns instead like in print media.

Unlike The Guardian, Buzzfeed gain readers through social media which is a really easy way to attract lots of readers. I think this process works for Buzzfeed because they aren’t a serious news corporation and their content is mainly made up of listicles which people like to share with their friends.

Although both corporations differ in content and the way they attract audiences, they both work well due to the different tones of the websites. However, Buzzfeed have recently started to cover more serious news and join forces with The Guardian. Personally, I don’t think this change for Buzzfeed will work because they are corrupting their friendly and informal niche.


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