Breaking down the brief

For my assignment, I need to create information graphics and ‘highlight, investigate and apply graphic design elements’. Whilst doing so, I need to ‘demonstrate’ that I have:

  • ‘Explored brand information graphics’
  • ‘Investigated typography’
  • ‘Investigated graphic elements’
  • ‘Experimented with graphic elements and typography’
  • ‘Investigated and experimented with composition and layout’
  • ‘Underpinned’ my ‘practice with appropriate language and theory’

For the infographic I am going to create I need to do a lot of research that will include the history, brands, ideologies, audiences and the data itself. These aspects will all help me gain a better understanding of infographics and graphic design. Plus, they will help make sure my infographic fits it’s purpose and looks the part. I also need to take into account colours and their connotations and how type defines importance throughout my work to ensure I reach audiences in the intended way.

In addition to my research I also need to highlight what I have learnt, the mistakes I made, what data I have looked at and the terminology I know. All this work will help me demonstrate how much I have learnt in Graphic Design and it will really help me see for myself how far I have come.


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