Styles of Storytelling

There are three main styles of storytelling; classic, public narrative and creative non fiction. Classic storytelling usually involves a narrator telling the story and they typically start off with ‘once upon a time’ like fairy tales. Public narrative is thought to be a practice of leadership, because it’s the art of telling a story that will motivate people to take action. For example, a story that encourages and persuades people to donate or help those in need. Creative non fiction storytelling is the process of telling a story with literary styles and techniques through facts.

Kurt Vonnegut theorised that every story has a shape that can be drawn on a graph. The idea of this thesis was that every character from a story has ups and downs, which can be drawn on a graph to create the shape. Some of the stories shapes are:

As a journalist, the best style of storytelling for me to use is creative non fiction. This is because it’s important to always back up your news with the truth and facts and not show opinion or be biased.


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