Angle of View

When you zoom in using a camera, it moves the internal parts of the lens and changes the angle of how things look when they are captured. This ability to zoom can manipulate how things look and it can help support different stories.

Below are two images I took, one of them was captured close up and the other was taken from a distance and zoomed in. The first image portrays the truth because it was captured without using the zoom, and so it showed the actual distance of things in the background, and it supports the idea that Queens Gardens is huge. The second image, however, uses the zoom and it draws the things in the background closer and makes Queens Gardens look really small.

As a journalist, the angle of view in photography is important to me because it can twist stories. I personally don’t like how zoom changes the angle of view because by twisting the truth, it contributes to the negative stereotypes of journalists.

DSC00167 DSC00169


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