Video Essay Research

For my video essay, I am going to create a video that reflects on the music scene in Hull. Within the three minute video I am going to have interviews with local musicians, footage from local gigs and band practices and photographs. As well as having a variety of visualisations, I am also going to try and include music from local bands in the video.

Topics of conversation I plan to cover will include City of Culture 2017, venues, whats happening with the bands/musicians and who the biggest bands from are.

The documents I am also going to create to work alongside me while I create the video are:

  • Camera shot list. This will ensure I include a variety of shots within the video so it looks more visually appealing.
  • Storyboard. This will help me plan how I want the video to flow, and ensures positionings and camera shots change throughout.
  • Production hazard assessment. This will ensure that the environments i’m filming in are safe.
  • Edit list
  • I may also create release forms, which would be a contract for the people who have agreed to be in the videos to sign so they can’t back out last minute.

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