Sound in Videos

The sound in videos is just as important as the visual aspect. The main problems I have found with sound in videos are:

  • you can often see people speaking but their voices are very faint and you can’t hear them
  • the backing music is too loud and you can’t hear what’s actually going on in the video
  • some videos are cut too short and they cut out the last words in people’s sentences when they’re speaking.
  • when videos are overlapped for a visual effect, it causes the sounds to overlap

As an audience member, I find these issues with sound very off putting when I watch videos and whenever these happen I usually stop watching them. Therefore, as a journalist I find it extremely important to get the sound right in videos to keep audiences engaged.

To stop some of these problems, I will use microphones whenever it’s possible to make sure I capture what people are saying in interviews. I will also always listen to videos whenever I edit them, even if at the time I’m just focusing on how it looks.

Like the imagery in videos, you can cut sound with a razor tool in Premiere Pro. This tool is really useful, because it allows you to add snippets of backing tracks and sound effects whenever necessary and it stops you from having more sound in a video than footage. You can also alter the volume of sound in videos, this would be done to make the people speaking louder than backing music.

Overall, when editing videos it’s important to make sure the sound is on point and matches up with the footage.


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