Introduction to Premiere Pro

In the past I have used Sony Vegas to edit videos, which I found really simple. Now, after learning the basics on Premiere Pro, the software seems very similar.

When starting up Premiere Pro, it’s important to choose the right settings to edit the video you want. One of the main things to do when you set up a new project, is to make sure the resolution of the video in the project matches up to the video cameras resolution. Another obvious thing to do, is make sure you save the project into a folder you will be able to find easily and where there’s enough data storage.

Once the new project had been opened to start the process of importing media is very simple and straight forward, like in Sony Vegas. Once media is then imported, you can start to edit videos. One of the main tools that always gets used in Premiere Pro is the razor tool, which allows you to cut out any footage you don’t want. After videos are cut, you can then drag them all together and put them in the order you want. You can even overlap videos which makes them fade into each other.

Overall, after my first lesson using Premiere Pro I feel confident in my ability to edit videos. In the future, I will probably use this software to edit any journalistic videos, because it seems very easy and simple.


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