Camera Shots

When creating videos, using a variety of camera angles is really important. This is because if you use a lot of different shots it makes the video more visually appealing, and it’s likely to keep audiences engaged. Different camera angles can also portray things in different lights and manipulate audiences feelings. The camera shots that I know of are:

  • Low angle
  • High angle
  • Long shot
  • Medium shot
  • Close up
  • Extreme close up
  • Wide/establishing shot
  • Birds eye view
  • Worm view
  • Dutch angle
  • Point of view

As a journalist, it’s likely I’m only going to use the simple camera shots because I will mainly have videos of interviews. For interviews, medium shots are mainly used so that audience can just see the people speaking. Other shots that get used in interviews include long shots and close ups. These main, simple shots are used to make audiences connect with the people in interviews and to put them onto their level as if they’re there speaking to them.


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