CATS Reflection – 22/10/15 – Semiotics

Despite studying semiotics in previous years, I personally found it a bit challenging to analyse two newspapers. This is because there are so many different elements within newspapers.

However, after discussing the different denotations and connotations as a class I feel a bit more confident on what I got from my analysis. Although there are lots of things that can be discussed on the front of a newspaper, it’s easier to start with the basics. For example, picking out what makes one newspaper a tabloid (The Sun) and the other a broadsheet (The Daily Telegraph) and defining how they represent themselves.

The general comparison between the two newspapers is that The Sun’s front page mainly consists of a large image, a big bold headline, puns and informal language (slang). Whereas The Daily Telegraph has a lot of formal small text /stories that fill the front page, with a picture in the middle that takes up less space than the text. The headline in The Daily Telegraph is also indicated differently, by placing it at the top of the broadsheet in small, bold text to show its the most important.

To me as a journalist, I find semiotics really helpful. This is because it makes you think more about how different pieces of media are represented through signs and connotations. Therefore by having a developed understanding of why things look the way they do, I should be able to embed that knowledge into my own pieces of media that I create.


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