Google Alerts

I think Google Alerts will be a great help to me, being a journalist. This is because I have set it up to alert me, at least once a day, when the areas I cover are mentioned on the internet.

The patches I cover for the ‘Your News’ segment in the Hull Daily Mail are Hornsea, Sproatley and Beverly Road which is why I now have set Google up to alert me whenever they are mentioned.

Google Alerts have actually helped me recently, because I was alerted about a story published by the Hull Daily Mail that I was going to cover myself. Thankfully, Google Alerts let me know of this new story being published and has stopped me from repeating the exact same thing.

If I didn’t have Google Alerts, I think it could cause complications for me as a journalist. This is because there is always the chance that there is someone out there with the same story as you. Therefore Google would stop me from repeating stories and old news, keeping me on my toes and up to date.


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