Website Research

Finding the right website to help create my own website was a very simple process. From signing up to join the website and finding my desired template, I made the decision on which one to use. I want to use my website as a portfolio, and so I tried to find the best templates for this on each site. On this portfolio I want to define myself as a brand, presenting viewers with my goals, target audience and visual identity. In order to do so, my website should have the following pages:

  • Home page
  • About
  • Gallery
  • Contact
  • Blog links

I, personally, found Wix to be the easiest website to use. This is because I was able to go straight to the templates and I found a journalistic portfolio fairly quickly, which seems easy to edit. The navigation on Wix is also really simple and easy for beginners.

I also went onto Moonfruit, Weebly and Sqaure Space. These other websites were a little more complicated to use and their templates weren’t really specific to certain types of websites. Moonfruit was probably the second best website to use, I just found it a bit complicated when I was trying to find the template I wanted. I also found that Weebly didn’t give me any guidance on which template would be the best to use for a portfolio website. Furthermore, I found Square Space to be the most difficult website to use to create a portfolio because it was difficult to navigate, as a beginner. Plus Square Space didn’t give me any guidance on the best template to suit my needs, like Weebly.


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