Reflection on Social Media

I have discovered that you can do so much with social media to help you with journalism. Twitter, Facebook and Linked In are essential in helping you get your work seen, making stories and finding contacts.

I think Facebook is the easiest social network to use. However, you do have to be very careful because it’s a far less professional site. Facebook is a lot more friend orientated and I, personally, would rather leave it like that and use other sites for professional purposes. My main reason for this, is because my circle of friends are on there and it’s likely for them to upload inappropriate photographs of me drinking and having fun. I also like to have little rants on Facebook to express my feelings and I do swear a lot, and so I have a private Facebook profile so professional people cannot see what i’m doing on there.

Twitter is more complicated than Facebook but it is still a little laid back. However, it is a lot more formal as you can follow people and they follow you despite not knowing each other. This is a good way to make contacts and get in touch with professionals. However, it is complicated because you have to post at certain times of the day to actually get your tweets seen. I now know that it is best to post tweets at tea time because that’s when more people use it.

I’ve only just started to use Linked In and I think it’s the most formal social network because it is full of professionals and students to get into contact with. Hopefully this will help me in the future to find a job and make contacts, I just need to get my portfolio sorted on there.

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