College Photography

The first image I took of Hull College has elements of symmetry. This is because I took the photograph head on with the main building and there are trees on both sides. Here, I also used the rule of thirds because the image looks like it can be split up (as seen below). The sign in the image also breaks up the symmetry in the background because it isn’t directly in the middle of the photograph. When I first looked at the image I followed the pole to read the signs, meaning I created leading lines. Plus, it could be argued that there is depth to the image because of all the layers to it. This is my favourite photograph of college because there are lots of elements to it.

DSC00163 thirds

The second photograph I took of Hull College was very symmetrical, as you could slice the image down the middle and it would be the same on both sides. I also took the image from a low angle, which creates the idea of the building and the windows never ending.


My third image was of the main college building, again, but on a different angle. Here, there is an element of depth because the image starts off at the floor and then works it way across the road, up to the top of the building and then to the sky. The rule of thirds can also be applied to this photograph (as seen below).

DSC00164  jusgfs


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