News stories.

Looking on the Humberside section of the BBC news website, the news stories were displayed with images and with a very short paragraph. By condensing the news stories onto one page, the chances of audiences viewing most of the stories increases. This is due to people wanting to receive news fast and when they’re on the go. The images also help attract audiences because if they seem appealing to someone, they are more likely to want to read on and find out what the image is about. On the main page, the text giving an overview is actually the introduction of the story when you click on it to view more. This introduction includes who, what, why, when and how, which allows readers to retrieve all the necessary information. When you go onto the actual story on the website, the paragraphs are still quite short and are pure facts and quotes – making the story simple for all readers.

bbc news story

I found the stories to read on the Hull Daily Mail website a little more complicated. This is because when I clicked on the whole story, an update on the story was placed right at the top and the actual story was hiding further down the page. The layout of this text was useless to me because I didn’t even know what the story was about in the first place. There was also a lot of advertisements, breaking up the whole story, which I found unappealing because I just wanted to read the story straight away and not have to find it. However, the main news story page had the same format as on the BBC website which was good. The update was used as the introduction by including the 5 W’s, and then when you go on to read the actual story it includes lots of quotes.

hdm  short Untitled-2


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