Visual Stories/Info-graphics

An obvious infographic most people view daily is a weather forecast. On, on every page, visual graphics are used. These graphics help inform audiences of the weather in the most simple and fast way. The symbols on the global map (as seen below, right) allow the data to be shared briefly, due to the social and cultural understanding of how each possible state of weather is represented in images. This type of infographic works well because it can be used globally, as there are no words which would create a language barrier.


Another infographic I found was on This simply narrows down data to make it seem more appealing. The purpose of this visual story is to inform people how many parking fines there has been, which has a high possibility of been boring if it was just written as a story. Therefore by selecting the key information and putting it into a bright yellow box, people are more likely to read it because it’s less dull.


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