Reflection – 28/09/15

Finding out what techniques to apply to photography was very interesting. I didn’t realise how many different things you could do when you’re taking a photograph of something to make it visually appealing. The compositional rules I now know are really going to help me with my work and I hope I will think of them more when I take a photograph.

The compositional rules are: depth, framing, background, symmetry and patterns, leading lines, balancing elements, rule of thirds and the golden triangle.

I also discovered there are a lot of compositional rules within Salgado’s (photographer) work, and they made me think a lot about how to take photographs to attract audiences. I came to the realisation that it is very important how you take a photo because they tell stories. My favourite piece of Salgado’s work was the photograph of the penguins in a line which mainly uses leading lines.

Sebastiao Salgado

Sebastiao Salgado


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